“E-teaching and e-learning” is an easy-read e-book giving you an overview of main issues in ICT-supported and online education. The content is mainly based on revised and updated blog-articles written over the last decade, here conveniently collected and structured in an e-book.

There are obvious technological challenges when establishing online education worldwide. However, the main constraints to many educational institutions are undoubtedly of pedagogical nature. How do we build good learning environments in virtual classrooms? How do we ensure efficient and engaging learning with appropriate learning activities? Is collaborative learning possible? If we define learning as increasing participation, how does that happen? How about assessment and formal credits? Can we use social media pedagogically? Do we give the right attention to the development of creativity, cross-cultural communication, critical thinking and information literacy?  What do “mobile learning”, “gamification” and “flipping the classroom” imply for the online classroom?

We shall try to answer these and other questions in short, hopefully not too academic texts, and provide an online library for each topic covered.


Lead author and editor: Sven Åke Bjørke is asst professor at the University in Agder. ake3He teaches environment and development issues and e-pedagogy.
Bjørke is educated as a science teacher, lawyer, jurist-linguist and e-pedagogue. He has worked for several years as a teacher in secondary schools in Norway. He has lectured at several universities in Norway and other countries.

He also worked in the development field for NORAD, Norwegian Save the Children, The Norwegian Refugee Council and ARC-aid. He was the information manager at UNEP/GRID-Arendal for several years, and worked as a consultant for the development of State of the Environment report for China and South Africa, and for the Programme ‘Mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (MESA)
More about: Sven Åke Bjørke
Blog: Education for sustainable development

aleksandraAleksandra Lazareva is a PhD Research Fellow at the Department of Global Development and Planning at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. She is involved in the Agder Digital Learning Arena (ADILA) project. Her main research interests are focused around the areas of collaborative learning, computer-supported collaborative learning, collaboration scripts and online tutoring. Aleksandra holds a Master’s degree in learning and educational technology from the University of Oulu, Finland.

Dr. Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe, Associate Professor of Multimedia & eLearning, 1Maurice-PortraitUniversity of Agder.  Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe is an Associate Professor of Multimedia & eLearning at University of Agder. He mainly works in the area of Interaction Design, Mobile Learning and Online Distance Education. His research focuses on human centred design of interactive systems, with emphasis on usability and user experience. He investigates educational practices using digital technologies, including the web, virtual reality, mobile & wearable technology.  His research work involves design, testing and evaluation of digital media tools for higher education and corporate training. Dr Isabwe holds a PhD degree in Technology, specialising in Information and Communication Technology

Harriet Nabushawo
harriet5Makerere university, Uganda.
Lecturer in the Department of Open and Distance Learning Makerere University. She holds a PhD in Educational Management. Research interests are in Teacher education, Distance learning and Learner support in online environments. To harness skills in this field of open and distance learning, she has done collaborative research and training with the University of Cambridge in the UK and Cape Town in South Africa. The current research at the University of Agder looks at learner support in online environments as part of a collaborative research project entitled DELP; Leapfrogging First Generation Distance Education into 4th and 5th Generation Distance Education at Makerere University. The DELP project focuses on human capacity building to provide high quality online distance education.

Joseph Watuleke,
Makerere university, Uganda.
Joseph Watuleke is a Lecturer at Makerere University and PhD student of Educational Management at the East African School of Higher Education Studies (EASHESD), Makerere. Research interests: blended learning and pedagogy, computer-based collaborative learning, online tutoring and training, technology innovation and transfer. He has taught at Makerere University since 2011, including Worker’s Education and Labour Studies, Approaches to Literacy Development among adults, Entrepreneurship Skills Development and Microfinance Management, and Project Planning and Management. He is also an e-pedagogy trainer for Higher Education Institutions and Non-governmental Organizations. He has also worked as a research assistant for research consultancy firms in Uganda and at International Conferences in Norway, Community Development Officer with Finnish Refugee Council, and he is founder and Executive Director of Foundation for Integrated Community Development Programme (FICODEP) a Local Development Organization located in Eastern Uganda. He holds a Master’s of Science in Development Management from the University of Agder, Norway.
University webpage: Joseph Watuleke

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