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Table of Content (ToC)



1 Introduction

Quality education

2.1 Can online education be a driving force for quality in education?

2.2 Standardisation in the EU

3 E-pedagogy

3. 1 Flipping the classroom (online or not)

3.2 Choosing the approach for optimal learning

3.3 Challenges in online education

3.4 Transformative pedagogy – pedagogy for change in a changing world

4 Self-instructional, collaborative or both?

4.1 Academic writing and critical thinking (Self instructional crash course)

5 Collaborative learning  – what, why and how

Making an online course – detailed recipe how to

6.1 Target group – how to define it

6.2 Quality assurance – what is a high quality online course?

6.3 What is an online course?

6.4 Constructing online courses 

6.5 Supporting online learning groups (collaboration scripts and online tutoring)

Design working VLEs – Designing usable virtual learning environments

7.1 Designing VLEs – principles

8 Assessment – formative or summative or both?

Transition. Tertiary education in transition from teacher-centered to learning and learning-centered education

10 Table of Content  (ToC)


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