E-learning – what, why and how. Learning online, locally or internationally. What do you need to know? How do you do it? How do you build a good online learning environment? Schools, teachers and students must adapt to new circumstances. Here is what you must be aware of and how to do it.

Sven Åke Bjørke and Aleksandra Lazareva
Department of Global Development and Planning,
Faculty of Social Sciences and PULS;

Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe
Faculty of Engineering and Science and PULS
University of Agder, Norway
Harriet Nabushawo and Joseph Watuleke,
Makerere university, Uganda.

Online learning has become commonplace. Most teachers and students use some digital device in their daily educational activities. Virtual grouprooms and classrooms are still quite exotic concepts to many. How do you make a good learning environment in a virtual room?  Should we adapt teaching and learning activities in any way, or can we succeed with the same pedagogical approaches as in the traditional classroom? Is it enough to simply add electricity and make the traditional classroom digital?

This collection of articles edited into an e-book introduces you to some of the mysteries, experiences and practices of the online classroom. Most of the articles are easy to read, and academic jargon is to some extent avoided. The intention is to give “first-aid” to teachers who would like to venture into online education.

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